Geochemical model of the gold distribution in the exocontact halo of a granitoid mass

A. I. Zabiyaka, V. A. Vernikovskiv, I. D. Zabiyaka, M. N. Zlobin, A. F. Korobeynikov, S. S. Serdyuk

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In the course of joint geologic-metallogenic investigations in the Northern Taymyr region, the distribution of gold was studied in the exocontact halos of the Upper Paleozoic plutons of the Lodochnikov complex. developed in the Northeast Taymyr region, which was carried out approximately on the abundance-ratio background level, established that the average gold content, as determined from 233 samples by the neutron-activation and polarographic methods, is 3.17 ppb. The trends of behavior of gold established at about the abundance-ratio level is also confirmed by analysis of higher concentration of it, associated with hydro-thermal-metasomatic rocks developed around the granitoid intrusive; zones of pyrite-pyrrhotite impregnation, quartz and quartz-sulfide veinlets, argillization, etc. Thus we have confirmed the possibility in principle that ore lodes can be formed by the redistribution of gold through the action of contact metamorphism, which essentially, reflects a single mechanism that is realized also in regional zonal metamorphism.

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