Geochemical mechanisms of travertine formation from fresh waters in southern Siberia

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The subject of study was the chemical composition of common fresh-water springs precipitating travertines in tectonically passive regions of the Kolyvan'-Tomsk folded area and northwestern Salair. Attention was paid to the specific character of manifestation, mineralogy, and petrography of the produced travertines. Results of the study of isotopic composition of carbon in hydrocarbonate ion of waters and carbonate travertines are reported. It is shown that the genetic type of CO2 accompanying the formation of travertines is biogenic. Study of the equilibrium of the underground waters with aluminosilicate and carbonate minerals has shown that the travertines are the product of evolution of an equilibrium-nonequilibrium water-rock system. New mechanisms of travertine formation from cool fresh waters are proposed.

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