Generator to grid adaptive synchronization technique based on reference model

N. A. Belyaev, Y. V. Khrushchev, S. V. Svechkarev, A. V. Prokhorov, Li Wang

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The paralleling of synchronous generators is one of the main and frequently implemented power system control tasks. The significant importance of automatic implementation of this task is determined by the need of fast and reliable restoration of an electrical power system (EPS) after emergencies. The value of this task has been dramatically increasing during the last years with the growth of the penetration of distributed generation and emerging of the task of automatic intentional islanding and further resynchronization of distributed generators to the grid. However the matching algorithms of the currently existing synchronizers are heavily affected by rapidly changing operating conditions of EPS which increases the matching time, especially during restoration process. This paper proposes the synchronization technique which is based on the model reference adaptive control. The objective of the proposed technique is to increase the robustness of the synchronization process when the operating conditions of EPS are rapidly changed. The application of this technique allows reducing the time of synchronization process and improving its accuracy. The time domain simulation results obtained with software and hybrid software-hardware simulators prove the advantages of the proposed technique.

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СобытиеIEEE Eindhoven PowerTech, PowerTech 2015 - Eindhoven, Нидерланды
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