Generation of X-rays by 850 MeV electrons in a novel periodic multicrystal structure on a GaAs plate surface

V. V. Kaplin, S. R. Uglov, V. N. Zabaev, V. G. Kanaev, S. V. Litvin, N. A. Timchenko

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A novel type of a periodical crystalline target for the generation of coherent X-rays by relativistic electrons is described. The target has been done on the surface of a GaAs crystal plate by means of microlitography. The etched microstructure is a system of about 300 stripes 14 μm thick, 100 μm high and the gaps between the stripes are 29 μm. The measured spectra and orientational dependences of the X-rays emitted at an angle of 19° to the 850 MeV electron beam of the Tomsk synchrotron are discussed. The generated 63 keV radiation consists of parametric X-ray radiation (PXR) and diffracted X-ray transition radiation (DTR). It has been shown that the intensity of the DTR component of the generated X-rays is much more great than that of the PXR.

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ЖурналNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment
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Статус публикацииОпубликовано - 21 июн 2000
Событие12th National Synchrotron Radiation Conference - SR'98 - Novosibirsk, Russia
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