Gas chromatography analysis of ketamine on chelate containing phases

Yu G. Slizhov, M. A. Gavrilenko, T. N. Matveeva, P. A. Mizin

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It is well known that ketamine is a medicinal drug having narcotic action and which has several tautomeric forms. For gas chromatography determination of keto- and enol forms of ketamine phases based on polymethylsiloxane elastomer with nickel dimethylglyoximate and nickel, europium and honeys acetylacetonates are used. Evaluation of the chromatographic conditions criteria on the separations was performed. The influence of different solvents (water, ethanol, acetone, ethylacetate, hexane and others) on the ratio of the isomeric forms of ketamine and the balance constant were studied. Results show a good correlation with data obtained by spectroscopy. The purity of the studied pharmaceuticals according to HPLC was 99,8%.

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ЖурналJournal de Pharmacie de Belgique
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