Gas chromatographic separation of metal acetylacetonates on short quartz capillary columns

Yu G. Slizhov, V. G. Berezkin, M. A. Gavrilenko, T. T. Kuryaeva, I. M. Arkhipova

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The gas Chromatographic behavior of aluminum(III), chromium(III), scandium(III), cobalt(III), and rhodium(III) acetylacetonates was studied using open quartz capillary columns of small length (2 m) filled with cross-linked the SE-30 or SE-52 silicone stationary phases or with the trifluoropropylmetyl silicone phase (SKTFT-50). Based on the results of chromatographic experiments, the molar enthalpies and entropies of solution of these chelates in stationary liquid phases (SLPs) were calculated. The contribution from the adsorption of analytes to the enthalpy of solution was evaluated. The effect of the SLP film thickness on the thermodynamic parameters of the sorption of the metal acetylacetonate was studied. The use of short quartz columns was shown to permit a decrease in the temperature of separation and an increase in analysis speed. The dependence of the retention times for the elution of the metal acetylacetonates by the silicone phases on the column temperature was obtained.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Physical Chemistry A
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