Frictional forces and resistance to the beginning of plastic deformation in Cu-Al solid solutions

E. F. Dudarev, N. V. Nikitina, V. E. Panin, V. E. Ovcharenko

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Extension curves have been obtained for Cu-Al solid solutions in the microdeformation range 10-6-10-3. It is shown that the dependence of the resistance to microdeformation on the degree e{open} of this deformation is described by σ = σ0 0 + Ae{open}1/2, where σ0 0 is the resistance to the beginning of plastic deformation, and A = const. The stresses σF due to frictional forces are determined from the unloading curves. The dependences of σ0 0 and σF on the Al concentration c in the alloy are studied. The σ0 0 = f(c) and σF = φ(c) dependences are analyzed in the light of current ideas regarding the nature of impurity strengthening. The grain size is shown to affect the resistance to microdeformation in Cu-Al alloys.

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