Friction-induced slip band relief of -Hadfield steel single crystal oriented for multiple slip deformation

D. V. Lychagin, Andrey Vladimirovich Filippov, O. S. Novitskaia, Y. I. Chumlyakov, E. A. Kolubaev, O. V. Sizova

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Hadfield steel is characterized both by high wear-resistance and ability to strain hardening. Due to these properties Hadfield steel is widely used in various industrial applications. The present investigation is aimed at analyzing the deformational behavior of Hadfield steel single crystals with [10 7 1] and [34̅2̅] compression and friction axis orientations, respectively. Consecutive experiments under constant loading conditions have demonstrated the deformation-induced relief development stages as well as succession of slip system activation in the process. Both slip band step height and inter-band space increased due to the development of the maximum stress concentration zone and distortions of the near-end zone. The sequence and direction of the shear in the analyzed systems are ascertained by analyzing the shear stress value and the deformation relief.

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