Fresnel’s rings in reconstruction of scattering media holograms

A. G. Borovoi, V. V. Dyomin, N. I. Vagin, V. A. Donchenko

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The theoretical description of the field reconstructed from an in-line hologram of dispersed media is presented. The intensity distribution in the focal plane of a lens placed behind a hologram is analyzed. It is shown that two overlapped patterns are observing in this plane. The first pattern is entirely in accordance with the small-angle spectrum of radiation scattered by the ensemble of particles, and its view does not depend on the distances between the particles, the hologram, and the lens. The second pattern is made of Fresnel’s rings and depends on the distance between the particles and the hologram. A statistical interpretation of the distribution of intensity in the focal plane of a lens is proposed. Experimental results and discussion are presented.

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ЖурналApplied Optics
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