Fresnel zone plate antenna with hexagonal-cut zones

S. M. Stout-Grandy, A. Petosa, I. V. Minin, Oleg V. Minin, J. S. Wight

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A novel Fresnel zone plate antenna (FZPA) with hexagonal-cut zones is presented. This new structure was simulated at 30 GHz using a finite-difference time-domain software to study its gain and sidelobe levels in relation to the standard circular FZPA and the hexagonal FZPA. Several prototypes were built and tested to verify the simulations. It was found that the FZPA with rotated alternating hexagonal-cut zones provides the ability to control the shape and location of the sidelobes while still maintaining the benefits of the hexagonal shape in terms of array packing. Also, this new structure has an improved sidelobe level over the standard version.

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ЖурналMicrowave and Optical Technology Letters
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