Frenkel electron on an arbitrary electromagnetic background and magnetic Zitterbewegung

Alexei A. Deriglazov, Andrey M. Pupasov-Maksimov

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We present Lagrangian which implies both necessary constraints and dynamical equations for position and spin of relativistic spin one-half particle. The model is consistent for any value of magnetic moment μ and for arbitrary electromagnetic background. Our equations coincide with those of Frenkel in the approximation in which the latter have been obtained by Frenkel. Transition from approximate to exact equations yields two structural modifications of the theory. First, Frenkel condition on spin-tensor turns into the Pirani condition. Second, canonical momentum is no more proportional to velocity. Due to this, even when μ = 1 (Frenkel case), the complete and approximate equations predict different behavior of a particle. The difference between momentum and velocity means extra contribution to spin-orbit interaction. To estimate the contribution, we found exact solution to complete equations for the case of uniform magnetic field. While Frenkel electron moves around the circle, our particle experiences magnetic Zitterbewegung, that is oscillates in the direction of magnetic field with amplitude of order of Compton wavelength for the fast particle. Besides, the particle has dipole electric moment.

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