Formation of the structure of titanium and stainless steel in laser welding

S. F. Gnyusov, V. A. Klimenov, Yu V. Alkhimov, A. D. Budnitskii, A. M. Orishich, A. N. Cherepanov, Yu V. Afonin

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The results of investigations of laser welded joints between titanium and titanium and titanium and 12Cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel are presented. It is shown that in welding of the specimens of VT1-0 titanium alloy in cooling from the high-temperature β-region, the structure of the metal of the welded joint is characterized by two typical morphological features: large polyhedral grains of the 'transformed' β-phase and the plate-shaped intragranular structure of the α-phase. The material failed through the parent metal and the failure was ductile. Welding of the titanium alloy with the austenitic stainless steel through a copper interlayer is accompanied by the formation of an intermediate layer based on intermetallic phases with the thickness of 100-150 μm on the side of the titanium alloy.

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ЖурналWelding International
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Gnyusov, S. F., Klimenov, V. A., Alkhimov, Y. V., Budnitskii, A. D., Orishich, A. M., Cherepanov, A. N., & Afonin, Y. V. (2013). Formation of the structure of titanium and stainless steel in laser welding. Welding International, 27(4), 295-299.