The study of the problem of removal of silicon ions of groundwater in water treatment processes and the ability of silicon ions to participate in the formation of silicon compounds that are resistant to physical and chemical effects is an urgent task, has practical significance for purification technologies developers. The aim of the research is the study of the formation mechanism of colloid organosilicon compounds in the water treatment process. Methods: photocolorimetry, pH measurement, titrometry, optical methods. Results. The authors investigated that the silicon ions have effect on the formation of colloidal organosilicon compounds of iron compounds whose presence in the groundwater reduces the performance of water treatment plants. It is shown that the silicon ions react with the organic substances of the humus origin to form stable colloidal compounds. The authors also defined the molar ratio of silicon ions and humic substances (critical micelle concentration) at which colloidal compounds are formed. The resulting molar ratio of silicon ions and humic substances is 7:2 respectively. We proposed a scheme for the formation of the sol and silicon compounds and defined the zeta potential which is -21 mV. We also demonstrated the formation of organosilicon compounds in the solution by mixing 2 solutions containing silicon ions and sodium humate with simultaneous determination of particle size. The maximum particle distribution changes within 30 minutes in the range of 50to 70 nm during the formation of the organosilicon colloidal compounds. At the same time there is a coarsening of the particles, the percentage of particles with sizes ranging from 100 to 100,000 nm varies from 68 to 80 %.

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