Formation of Nb-containing alloys in the surface layer of materials by compression plasma flows

N. N. Cherenda, A. K. Kuleshov, V. I. Shymanski, V. V. Uglov, N. V. Bibik, D. P. Rusalski, V. M. Astashynski, A. M. Kuzmitski

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In the present work compression plasma flows (CPF) were used for synthesizing Nb-containing surface layers in an aluminum-silicon eutectic alloy, Ti-WC-Co hard alloy, and a Ti alloy. The investigation results of the structure, phase composition, and mechanical properties of the formed alloyed surface layers are presented. The findings showed that plasma impact on the Nb/material system leads to the formation of a Nb-alloyed surface layer containing different phases with Nb: solid solutions, intermetallides, nitrides, carbides, and carbonitrides. Alloyed layers have an increased hardness.

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ЖурналHigh Temperature Material Processes
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