Formation of nanoscale inter-metallic phases in Ni surface layer at high intensity implantation of Al ions

I. A. Bozhko, S. V. Fortuna, I. A. Kurzina, I. B. Stepanov, E. V. Kozlov, Yu P. Sharkeev

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The results of experimental study of nanoscale intermetallic formation in surface layer of a metal target at ion implantation are presented. To increase the thickness of the ion implanted surface layer the high intensive ion implantation is used. Compared with the ordinary ion implantation, the high intensive ion implantation allows a much thicker modified surface layer. Pure polycrystalline nickel was chosen as a target. Nickel samples were irradiated with Al ions on the vacuum-arc ion beam and plasma flow source Raduga-5. It was shown that at the high intensity ion implantation the fine dispersed particles of Ni3Al, NiAl intermetallic compounds and solid solution Al in Ni are formed in the nickel surface layer of 200 nm and thicker. The formation of phases takes place in complete correspondence with the Ni-AI phase diagram.

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ЖурналJournal of Materials Science and Technology
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