The pulse shaper based on a capacitive storage device with an active switch operating on a resistive load is considered. The electrical circuit includes a capacitor with a reference voltage for the stabilization of peak of the pulse. The capacitor connected in parallel with a load via the unilateral conductive switch. A general analysis of the shaping circuit was carried out. Analytical expressions for determination of the stabilization accuracy and the stabilization duration have been obtained. The results of computer simulation of dependence of these characteristics as function of pulse parameters and shaper features are presented. The influence of short-term and abrupt change of the resistance load on the stabilization process of peak of the pulse is considered. The possibility of obtaining of pulses with a controlled stability of pulse peaks <1% for pulses with duration to 100 µs at voltages up to 20 kV and energy stored in a capacitor to 3.4 kJ is shown in prototype of the shaper.

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