Formation of a gas-discharge plasma active medium on Kr2F trimers

Yu N. Panchenko, M. V. Andreev, V. F. Losev, A. V. Puchikin

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The results of experimental investigations of the discharge plasma emission spectrum in high-pressure gases, including fluorides, are presented. For the gas mixtures Ne/Kr/F2 and Ar/Kr/F2, the emission transitions of KrF and Kr2F excited molecules emitting in the ultraviolet and visible spectral range are experimentally studied. It is established that growth of Kr content from 10 to 400 mbar in the gas mixture leads to an increase in the fluorescence intensity of Kr2F molecules. The stable bulk discharge in a few oscillation periods of the current pulse pump in excimer gas mixtures is demonstrated. It is shown that the bulk discharge in Ar/Kr/F2=1000/400/1 mbar mixture forms the active medium on the Kr2F molecules with a gain of 3.14×10-4 cm-1.

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