Formation and Properties of Bioactive Surface Layers on Titanium

S. V. Gnedenkov, Yu P. Scharkeev, S. L. Sinebryukhov, O. A. Khrisanfova, E. V. Legostaeva, A. G. Zavidnaya, A. V. Puz, I. A. Khlusov

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The plasma electrolytic oxidation technique was used to form a calcium phosphate coating containing hydroxyapatite on a titanium implant surface. The composition, morphology, and anticorrosion and mechanical properties of the obtained layers were studied. The optimal conditions of the polarization mode and electrolyte composition were found. Experiments performed in vivo and in vitro showed that the bioactivity of deposited films depends on the chemical composition (concentrations and Ca/P ratio) and the surface roughness of calcium phosphate layers.

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ЖурналInorganic Materials: Applied Research
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    Gnedenkov, S. V., Scharkeev, Y. P., Sinebryukhov, S. L., Khrisanfova, O. A., Legostaeva, E. V., Zavidnaya, A. G., Puz, A. V., & Khlusov, I. A. (2011). Formation and Properties of Bioactive Surface Layers on Titanium. Inorganic Materials: Applied Research, 2(5), 474-481.