Forced wetting of stainless steel by distilled water drop

Konstantin Ponomarev, Yuri Popov, Evgeniya Orlova, Dmitry Kirichenko

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Experimental results analyses of macroscopic contact angle change from the drop growth rate of distilled water on stainless steel substrates is presented. The value of contact angle is found to depend on the drop growth rate (m): contact angle decreases at m up to 0.02ml/s and increases at m more than 0.02ml/s. At the final stage of spreading the contact line pinning occurs, depending on the drop growth rate and surface roughness.

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ЖурналEPJ Web of Conferences
СостояниеОпубликовано - 25 окт 2017
Событие14th All-Russian School-Conference of Young Scientists with International Participation on Actual Problems of Thermal Physics and Physical Hydrodynamics, AVTFG 2016 - Novosibirsk, Российская Федерация
Продолжительность: 22 ноя 201625 ноя 2016

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