Flexible polymer planar optical waveguides

Va´clav Prajzler, Pavla Nekvindova´, Petr Hypsˇ, Oleksiy Lyutakov, Vi´teˇzslav Jerˇa´bek

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We report about design, fabrication and properties of flexible polymer optical planar waveguides made of epoxy novolak resin as planar waveguides deposited on various foil substrates. The design of the presented planar waveguides was realized on the bases of modified dispersion equation and was schemed for 633 nm, 850 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm wavelength. Propagation optical loss measurements were done by the fibre probe technique at wavelegnth 633 nm (He-Ne laser) and samples have optical losses lower than 2 dB·cm-1. Unlike the up-to-now presented structures our constructin is fully flexible what makes it possible to be used in innovative photonics structures.

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Prajzler, V., Nekvindova´, P., Hypsˇ, P., Lyutakov, O., & Jerˇa´bek, V. (2014). Flexible polymer planar optical waveguides. Radioengineering, 23(3), 776-782.