First high–resolution analysis of the 2ν1(A1) and ν13(F2) interacting states of 72GeH4 and 73GeH4

O. N. Ulenikov, O. V. Gromova, E. S. Bekhtereva, N. I. Raspopova, M. A. Koshelev, I. A. Velmuzhova, P. G. Sennikov, A. D. Bulanov, A. V. Kuznetsov, C. Leroy

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The spectra of germane 72GeH4 and 73GeH4 enriched up to 99.9 % were recorded with high resolution (0.003 cm−1) at different pressures with the Bruker IFS 125HR Fourier transform spectrometer (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). The region of 4020–4260 cm−1, where the 2ν1(A1) and ν13(F2) bands are located, was theoretically analyzed. The 2025 and 1774 transitions with Jmax=21 were assigned to these bands of the 72GeH4 and 73GeH4 species. Rotational, centrifugal distortion, tetrahedral splitting, and interaction parameters of the (2000, A1) and (1010, F2) vibrational states were determined from the fit of experimental line positions of both isotopologues. The obtained sets of 13/13 fitted parameters reproduce the initial 2025/1774 experimental line positions with a drms=2.9×10−4 cm−1 and drms=2.7×10−4 cm−1 (for 72GeH4 and 73GeH4, respectively).

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Номер статьи106593
ЖурналJournal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer
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