Fire-proof silicate coatings with magnesium-containing fire retardant

O. Kazmina, E. Lebedeva, N. Mitina, A. Kuzmenko

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A formula for an environmentally friendly and safe fire-proof paint was developed based on a potassium silicate aqueous solution with addition of a magnesium-containing fire retardant. The predominant use in paint of magnesium-containing fire retardant such as hydromagnesite compared to brucite and magnesite was demonstrated. It was established that a paint containing 5.5 wt% of hydromagnesite provides the first group of fire resistance for a wooden surface. The high fire resistance of the paint with this formula is proven by the high intumescence ratio (150%) and low weight losses (8.4%) after tests in a ceramic tube. When the paint is heated, a gradual loss of weight is detected, which is related to the characteristics of the hydromagnesite structure and helps to obtain an effectively foamed protective layer that prevents the diffusion of combustible gases and flame.

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ЖурналJournal of Coatings Technology Research
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