Fe–Cu Nanocomposites by High Pressure Consolidation of Powders prepared by Electric Explosion of Wires

Marat I. Lerner, Sergey G. Psakhie, Aleksandr S. Lozhkomoev, Aliya F. Sharipova, Alexander V. Pervikov, Irena Gotman, Elazar Y. Gutmanas

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In the present paper, preparation of nanocomposite powders of mutually immiscible Fe and Cu metals with different Fe-to-Cu ratios by electric explosion of wires and their processing into bulk materials are reported. Near-fully dense nanocrystalline Fe–Cu specimens with high compressive and bending strengths are obtained by high pressure consolidation/cold sintering of the electrically exploded powders at 3 GPa. Reduction treatment in an H2-flow prior to consolidation results in an intimate contact between the oxide free powder surfaces and in an excellent inter-particle bonding integrity. The Cu-rich composition exhibits an attractive combination of high strength and relatively low electrical resistivity.

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