Features of water drop evaporation on a heated surface

V. E. Nakoryakov, S. Ya Misyura, S. L. Elistratov

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A study was conducted to investigate the effect of geometrical and physical properties of the wall in a drop boiling crisis. Investigations were performed in a wide range of drop sizes and wall temperatures using precision weight measurements and fast thermal and photographic visualization. The measurement techniques allowed determination of the total evaporation time tn of individual water samples with initial volume V0, along with their existing masses during evaporation. The entire experimental setup was placed on an electronic balance and the wall temperature was automatically maintained constant. The drop size range was radically extended in the investigations, which resulted in various sample surface shapes. All investigated drop sizes showed the existence of three characteristic modes: evaporation before boiling crisis, transient mode, and film boiling when a stable vapor film was formed between the wall and drop at the wall temperature Tcr2.

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    Nakoryakov, V. E., Misyura, S. Y., & Elistratov, S. L. (2013). Features of water drop evaporation on a heated surface. Doklady Physics, 58(1), 40-43. https://doi.org/10.1134/S1028335813010084