Fast rate estimation for RDO mode decision in HEVC

Maxim P. Sharabayko, Oleg G. Ponomarev

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    The latter-day H.265/HEVC video compression standard is able to provide two-times higher compression efficiency compared to the current industrial standard, H.264/AVC. However, coding complexity also increased. The main bottleneck of the compression process is the rate-distortion optimization (RDO) stage, as it involves numerous sequential syntax-based binary arithmetic coding (SBAC) loops. In this paper, we present an entropy-based RDO estimation technique for H.265/HEVC compression, instead of the common approach based on the SBAC. Our RDO implementation reduces RDO complexity, providing an average bit rate overhead of 1.54%. At the same time, elimination of the SBAC from the RDO estimation reduces block interdependencies, thus providing an opportunity for the development of the compression system with parallel processing of multiple blocks of a video frame.

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    Sharabayko, M. P., & Ponomarev, O. G. (2014). Fast rate estimation for RDO mode decision in HEVC. Entropy, 16(12), 6667-6685.