Fast electrons behind grid cathode in nanosecond discharges in atmospheric pressure AIR

Victor F. Tarasenko, Igor D. Kostyraya, Andrey V. Kozyrev, Dmitry V. Beloplotov

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The chapter reports on experiments investigating the generation of a backward runaway electron beam (BRAEB) in the gap between a plane anode and a grounded grid cathode in atmospheric pressure air. The high-voltage pulses of positive polarity applied to the plane electrode were produced by a SLEP-150 pulser and had a FWHM of 1 ns and rise time of 0.3 ns. It was found that the BRAEB current downstream of the grid cathode was much influenced by the anode material and that its amplitude and the X-ray dose from the gas diode depended differently on the interelectrode gap. The average X-ray exposure dose in a pulse was more than 3.5 mR. The spectra of fast electrons moving toward and backward the anode were reconstructed from attenuation curves.

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Название основной публикацииGeneration of Runaway Electron Beams and X-Rays in High Pressure Gases, Volume 1
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ИздательNova Science Publishers, Inc.
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