Far-red fluorescent cell line for preclinical study of HER2-targeted agents

I. V. Balalaeva, E. A. Sokolova, A. A. Brilkina, S. M. Deyev, R. V. Petrov

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We have created novel HER2-overexpressing human ovarian adenocarcinoma cell line stably transfected with far-red fluorescent protein TurboFP635. Growth characteristics, adhesion capacity and morphology of the cells do not differ from that of parental cell line. The obtained cell line (SKOV-kat) was confirmed to have high level of expression of the tumor marker HER2 comparable to that of initial cell line SKOV-3. The SKOV-kat cell line is designed for further establishment of experimental fluorescent models of HER2-overexpressing human ovarian cancer that make it possible to optimize and reduce the cost of preclinical study of agents for treatment of this disease.

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