Expression of anti-tumor recombinant IgG- and IgE-like genes in eukaryotic cells

O. L. Polianovskiǐ, S. V. Lukash, O. A. Stremkovskiǐ, D. V. Karpenko, S. M. Deev

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The tandem of humanized variable VL and VH genes (ScFv fragment 4D5) possessing a high affinity to the HER-2/neu oncogene (the epidermal growth factor receptor expressed in many types of human tumors) was attached through a flexible linker to the second exon of human antibodies of IgG1 or IgE isotypes constant gene. The humanized construct of IgE isotype was generated for the first time. Genes of the recombinant antibodies were cloned into the pCl-neo vector under the control of universal cytomegalovirus (CMV) promoter. Transfected HEK-293 cells efficiently produced antibodies of the corresponding isotypes IgE and IgG1. The results of Western blotting confirmed homogeneity of the expressed antibodies, which had the predicted molecular weight and specifically interacted with the HER-2/neu. The attachment of leader peptide to the 5'-end of the gene resulted in the preferential accumulation of recombinant antibodies in the cultural medium. These results indicate that de novo constructed humanized immunoglobulin genes express functionally active, single-chain recombinant antibodies in eukaryotic cells.

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