Explosion initiation of furazanotetrazine dioxide by a high-current electron beam

V. I. Oleshko, V. E. Zarko, V. V. Lysyk, V. P. Tsipilev, P. I. Kalmykov

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Results of investigations of physicochemical processes which develop in furazanotetrazine dioxide under irradiation by a high-current electron beam with an energy density varied in a range of 0.05–0.3 J/cm<sup>2</sup> are represented. The spectral-kinetic characteristics of pulse cathodoluminescence are measured, and thresholds of the mechanical failure and explosive decomposition of samples are determined. A strong effect of the energy density of the electron beam on kinetics of the explosive transformation (induction period and duration of explosive glow) is revealed. The dimensional effect of the explosion initiation is found.

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ЖурналTechnical Physics Letters
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