Experiments on generation of a high-power ion beam in a plasma-filled diode

V. M. Bystritskii, A. V. Kharlov, G. A. Mesyats, A. V. Mytnikov, A. A. Sinebrjukhov

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The experimental results on high-power ion beams (HPIB) generation in a plasma-filled, spherical-focusing diode with self-magnetic insulation that was placed for a load at nanosecond accelerator PARUS of 0.2-TW power and 60-ns pulse duration (in a matched load case) are given. The regimes of plasma-filled diode operation and generation of the ion beam were investigated. For optimal time delay between the plasma gun's pulse and accelerator firing, the stable operation in the plasma opening switch mode with a power enhancement factor of 2.3 and efficiency of ion beam generation of 20-25% was obtained. The maximal value of the ion current density reached in the focal plane was 15 kA/cm2.

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ЖурналLaser and Particle Beams
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