Experimental study of the structural stability of the boiler pipes walls

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Relevance of the work is due to the need to ensure the reliability and resource efficiency of the heating surface tubes of steam and hot water boilers. Objective: to establish the spatial distribution and structural heterogeneity of the properties of the wall of the boiler pipe and determination of the conditions of the stabilization annealing. Methods: micro hardness and X-ray analysis. Results. In providing the resource efficiency of the heating surface tubes of steam and hot water boilers, which is guaranteed by design and operational parameters of the operation, the preparatory thermal operations during installation and commissioning works, plays an important role structural homogeneity of heating surface tubes, which can be broken during transport, storage and operation. Reliable operation of the heating surface tubes of steam and hot water boilers is provided by the control of pipes and structural homogeneity degree of localization of defects that are revealed in the process of further exploitation as long creep and corrosion phenomena. According to the research the authors found that the starting material in the initial state has a significant internal structural heterogeneity of stresses capable of redistribution according to external pressure and temperature, which is manifested in a change in the operation of heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the surface. It is shown that under the surface of the pipe wall there is a hardened diffusion zone whose width is about 200...300 micrometers. The authors also found the dependence of the change in the size of the diffusion zone on the time and temperature. In an experimental way we set a stabilization annealing mode at which non-uniform properties of the diffusion zone are eliminated. The curve of the concentration of the diffusing element along the length of the diffusion zone allows to determine the annealing time to obtain a predetermined concentration at a certain depth of the pipe wall or to completely eliminate nonuniformity in the concentration diffusion.

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