Experimental pharmacokinetic and scintigraphic studies of 99mTc-techmicard

B. Lishmanov Yu., V. I. Chernov, N. G. Krivonogov, A. O. Malysheva, V. Vesnina Zh., T. Rebrova Yu., I. Shvera Yu.

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Pharmacokinetic and scintigraphic studies of a radiopharmaceutical for perfusion scintigraphy of the myocardium, 99mTc-techmikard, were carried out in 40 rats and 8 rabbits. pharmacokinetic characteristics of the agent prepared on the basis extraction stationary or absorption Tc generators were found Identical. Despite the fact that the pharmacokinetics of this agent differs from of 199Tl, its rapid clearance from the blood, high factor of extraction the myocardium, and a sufficiently high ratio of the heart to background activities of the radiopharmaceutical permit high-quality imaging of the myocardium in experimental animals. The conditions of the sterilization and three-hour storage after preparation of solution do influence its pharmacokinetics or quality of scintigrams.

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ЖурналMeditsinskaya Radiologiya i Radiatsionnaya Bezopasnost
Номер выпуска2
Статус публикацииОпубликовано - 1995


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Lishmanov Yu., B., Chernov, V. I., Krivonogov, N. G., Malysheva, A. O., Vesnina Zh., V., Rebrova Yu., T., & Shvera Yu., I. (1995). Experimental pharmacokinetic and scintigraphic studies of 99mTc-techmicard. Meditsinskaya Radiologiya i Radiatsionnaya Bezopasnost, 40(2), 6-9.