Experimental modeling of the structure of a reacting twisted flow behind a swirl burner

S. V. Alekseenko, V. M. Dulin, Yu S. Kozorezov, D. M. Markovich, M. P. Tokarev, S. I. Shtork

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The present work is devoted to an experimental investigation of a twisted reacting flow behind a model swirl burner. In the process of experiments, the turbulent structure of twisted jets at different values of the twisting parameter, Reynolds number, and of the fuel-air mixture composition was investigated in detail. Attention is mainly paid to the role of large-scale vortex structures in the stabilization of flame during combustion of premixed fuel and air components. To measure the fields of instantaneous and average velocity, as well as of the components of the kinetic energy of turbulence the Stereo PIV method was used. The influence of external excitation on the characteristics of coherent structures in straight-through and twisted jet flows in the presence of combustion was also studied in the present work.

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ЖурналHeat Transfer Research
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