Yu V. Drobyshevsky, I. M. Anfimov, V. A. Varlachev, S. P. Kobeleva, S. A. Nekrasov, S. N. Stolbov

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The article presents an experimental confirmation of the operability of neutron concentrators in devices that form and use directed high-intensity thermal neutron beams with elliptical channels made as blocks of profiled graphite and aluminum plates. The effect of neutron reflection from the surface of materials is the basis of a device capable of selecting neutrons by their directions in space. The study experimentally confirmed the efficiency of a moderating-focusing structure (MFS) based on a pack of elliptical neutron mirrors, which makes it possible to form oriented thermal neutron beams from the outgoing neutron flux. To record the effects of selective thermal neutron separation, silicon single-crystal wafers were used, due to which it was possible to obtain portraits of integral neutron fluxes in the reactor. The experiments were carried out in a horizontal experimental channel (HEC-4) at the IRT-T reactor of the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University. The integral neutron flux was (2.3 - 3.02)·1017 cm-2. The neutron flux was detected by the change in the specific electrical resistivity of the single-crystal silicon wafers. The effect of concentration of thermal neutrons was recorded both on the block of graphite neutron mirrors and on the block of aluminum thin-walled elliptical mirrors. In the near future, on this basis, it will be possible to solve such problems as extending the reactor life by reducing the hydrogen uptake in the inner walls. In addition, the experiments have proved the possibility of creating anisotropic structures that lie outside the formalism of Liouville's theorem, in which the surfaces of thermal neutron sinks are formed with subsequent concentration in the areas separated by aluminum or graphite plates.

Переведенное названиеExperimental confirmation of a new method for selective neutron separation
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Страницы (с-по)148-159
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ЖурналIzvestiya Wysshikh Uchebnykh Zawedeniy, Yadernaya Energetika
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  • Elliptical mirror
  • Method and apparatus for investigation thermal neutron beams
  • Neutron flux density
  • Neutron transmutation
  • Silicon
  • Thermal neutron beams
  • Thermal neutrons

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  • Nuclear Energy and Engineering

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