Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of the Near-Ground Propagation of Acoustic Radiation in the Atmosphere

V. V. Belov, Yu B. Burkatovskaya, N. P. Krasnenko, A. S. Rakov, D. S. Rakov, L. G. Shamanaeva

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Near-ground propagation of monochromatic acoustic radiation at frequencies of 300, 1000, 2000, and 3150 Hz along atmospheric paths up to 100 m long is investigated experimentally and theoretically depending on altitudes of the acoustic source and receiver. The experiment was carried out at the experimental site of the Institute of Monitoring of Climatic and Ecological Systems (IMCES) using a specially developed setup. The dependence of the recorded sound pressure level on the propagation path length and initial signal power is analyzed. The theoretical analysis is performed by the Monte Carlo method using the local estimation algorithm developed by the authors. The comparison of the experimental and theoretical results shows their satisfactory agreement, which indicates the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm and its applicability to predicting the near-ground sound propagation.

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ЖурналAtmospheric and Oceanic Optics
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