Experimental and numerical study of heat transfer in production area heated by gas infrared source

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The systems of radiant heating of buildings and facilities are being increasingly applied in both industrial and residential sectors. However, it appears necessary to estimate their energy efficiency since thermal performance calculations for such systems are often approximate. The paper presents a new approach to the definition of the main characteristics of the thermal regime in buildings and structures heated by gas infrared emitters based on the analysis of convective heat transfer in air and thermal conductivity in the enclosing constructions. In the work is in detail described the mathematical model of turbulent heat transfer within the framework of the standard k-ϵ model under the conditions of radiant heating developed by the authors. The results of full-scale tests for a building equipped with a radiant heating system, namely a gas infrared source, are presented in the article. The simulation was performed for a large building under the conditions close to actual operating conditions of industrial facilities. The research is aimed at determining the basic integral parameters, namely the mean air temperature, the flooring surface temperature, and the surface heat transfer coefficient for the building envelope. The calculated parameters of heat transfer processes allow determining the formation rate of the areas with high and relatively low temperature and later adjusting the thermal conditions of the whole building. With the developed approach it is possible to design locally heated work areas. The obtained experimental and numerical research results can be applied to solve the problems of energy efficiency and the choice of heat supply systems to heat buildings and raise the thermal comfort for the employees.

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