Experiences with synthetic aperture focusing technique in the field

V. Schmitz, S. Chakhlov, W. Müller

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The detection and evaluation of defects in industrial components relies strongly on ultrasonic inspection techniques. Distance gain size (DG) or reference reflector methods can be improved concerning their localization, signal-to-noise ratio and sizing accuracy by the synthetic aperture focusing technique (SAFT). To obtain a high quality image, parameters like focal probe versus contact technique probe, achieved resolution or features of SAFT images compared with B-scan images are discussed. The implementation of SAFT in a CAD environment allows us to present stacked 2D reconstructions dynamically. On a cladded testblock with half-penny shaped cracks the advantage of combining CAD with SAFT is shown. A 3D SAFT example finalizes the overview of two decades of experience in applying this technique.

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