Опыт инженерно>геологического районирования по несущей способности грунтов промплощадки эльгинского горно>обогатительного комбината в якутии

Lyudmila A. Strokova, Sofia A. Dmitrieva, Natalia V. Osmushkina, Andrey V. Osmushkin

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The study is relevant due to the rapid growth of mining exploration and production activities in the permafrost regions of Russia over the last forty years. This paper presents the characteristics of the soils of the industrial site of Elga coal:preparation plant in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on the bearing capacity. An engineering:geological evaluation is necessary to prepare decision making on land planning and land use of the area as well as to carry out the required industrial and infrastructure development with slight impact on breakable environment, which will be accompanied by reducing hazards and damage to constructions with consequent savings to people and property. This study aims to describe the engineering:geological and hydrogeological conditions, exogenous geological processes that may be re: levant to establish suitability for development. Object of the research is the geological environment. The authors have considered the main natural components, which influence land use planning and development, such as lithology; topography; seismotectonic; geotechnic; hydrology:hydrogeology and permafrost. Methods. This study includes a brief review of relevant literature, and a summary of information obtained from geological survey company files. All information layers about the natural environment were manipulated and combined to produce uniform engineering geological map. Results. We produced a suitability map of the study area that shows three different zones such as favourable, acceptable and unfavou: rable conditions for building construction.

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ЖурналBulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, Geo Assets Engineering
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  • Bearing capacity
  • Coal
  • Coal:preparation plant
  • Geological process
  • Open:pit mining
  • Physical and mechanical properties
  • Soil
  • Zoning

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