Evolution of the CDIO approach: BEng, MSc, and PhD level

Alexander Chuchalin

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The CDIO Standards are effective means for upgrading and improving the quality of basic engineering education. In 2013–2016, a group of 21 leading Russian universities became participants of ‘5–100 Russian academic excellence project’ and focused on graduate and postgraduate engineering education. Evolution of the CDIO Standards for modernising and improving the quality of MSc and PhD programmes has become urgent need. For that reason, based on the general idea of the CDIO approach different conceptual models for graduate and postgraduate engineering programmes design were proposed and developed. The FCDI Syllabus v1 and FFCD Syllabus v1 developed by analogy with the CDIO Syllabus v2, as well as the FCDI Standards and FFCD Standards developed by analogy with the CDIO Standards are presented in the paper.

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