Estimation of thermomagnetometry method sensitivity for magnetic phase determination

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In this article, the sensitivity of thermomagnetometry method for magnetic phase determination in lithium substituted ferrites was estimated by thermogravimetric analysis in magnetic field of lithium-zinc ferrite and iron dioxide (Li0.4Fe2.4Zn0.2O4+α-Fe2O3) components mixture with different mass proportions: 2, 4, 6, and 100 mass% Li0.4Fe2.4Zn0.2O4 phase in total mixture. Thereby, analyzed samples are mixture of magnetic and nonmagnetic phases. Results of thermomagnetometric analysis were supplemented with the X-Ray diffraction analysis data. It was shown that the thermomagnetometry method allows to determine a magnetic phases with mass content not less than 2 mass% in analyzed mixture. In this case, we can clearly estimate the position and intensity of the peak on derivative thermogravimetric curve, which connected with a magnetic phase transition in ferrite at Curie temperature.

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