Estimation of SiC JFET temperature during short-circuit operations

Mounira Berkani, Stéphane Lefebvre, Narjes Boughrara, Zoubir Khatir, Jean Claude Faugières, Peter Friedrichs, Ali Haddouche

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This paper presents results showing the robustness of different SiC JFET transistors from SiCED in current limitation regime or short-circuit operation. Crystal temperature during failure was estimated after different electrical characterizations and using appropriate models of saturation current which is used as a thermal indicator. This work shows the exceptional robustness of SiC JFET transistors in current limitation mode compared to Si devices (MOSFETS and IGBTs).

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ЖурналMicroelectronics Reliability
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    Berkani, M., Lefebvre, S., Boughrara, N., Khatir, Z., Faugières, J. C., Friedrichs, P., & Haddouche, A. (2009). Estimation of SiC JFET temperature during short-circuit operations. Microelectronics Reliability, 49(9-11), 1358-1362.