Estimation of hydraulic backhoes productivity for overburden removing at kuzbass open pits

Maxim Tyulenev, Oleg Litvin, Michal Cehlár, Sergey Zhironkin, Magerram Gasanov

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In a recent decade in the countries which increased the volume of solid mineral resource production the vector of mining equipment upgrading for overburden and resource extracting operations was directed towards the replacement of depreciated shovels with more productive and flexible in operation hydraulic excavators. Their mass introduction at coal open pit mines of Russia, China, Australia and Canada is expected to increase the efficiency of excavation and loading operations and reduce the total cost of rock mass extracting. This can be achieved by reducing coal losses during mining operations and faster loading the volume of the blasted rock mass when the best configuration of excavator’s face and dump track positioning is provided. The key parameter of selection of hydraulic backhoe model and optimising the technological schemes of its application, along with mining and geological conditions, is the backhoe’s performance. For calculating the performance of the hydraulic backhoe the parameterisation of technological schemes of excavator using has the particular importance for mining and overburden removing works. In particular, it is necessary to determine the minimum duration of a single face block mining during a single pass of the excavator, and the height of processed layer in order to achieve maximum efficiency of the hydraulic backhoe. This article describes the method of determining the effective productivity of hydraulic excavator when developing face unit in a single pass, depending on the layer’s thickness and loading dump truck position respectively to the level of excavator’s installation.

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