Enhanced infrared image processing for impacted carbon/glass fiber-reinforced composite evaluation

Hai Zhang, Nicolas P. Avdelidis, Ahmad Osman, Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo, Stefano Sfarra, Henrique Fernandes, Theodore E. Matikas, Xavier P.V. Maldague

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In this paper, an infrared pre-processing modality is presented. Different from a signal smoothing modality which only uses a polynomial fitting as the pre-processing method, the presented modality instead takes into account the low-order derivatives to pre-process the raw thermal data prior to applying the advanced post-processing techniques such as principal component thermography and pulsed phase thermography. Different cases were studied involving several defects in CFRPs and GFRPs for pulsed thermography and vibrothermography. Ultrasonic testing and signal-to-noise ratio analysis are used for the validation of the thermographic results. Finally, a verification that the presented modality can enhance the thermal image performance effectively is provided.

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Zhang, H., Avdelidis, N. P., Osman, A., Ibarra-Castanedo, C., Sfarra, S., Fernandes, H., Matikas, T. E., & Maldague, X. P. V. (2018). Enhanced infrared image processing for impacted carbon/glass fiber-reinforced composite evaluation. Sensors (Switzerland), 18(1), [45]. https://doi.org/10.3390/s18010045