Engineering a bosonic AdS/CFT correspondence

Sergei V. Ketov, Thorsten Leonhardt, Werner Rühl

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We search for a bosonic (nonsupersymmetric) string/gauge theory correspondence by using the ten-dimensional IIB and 0B strings as a guide. Our construction is based on the low-energy bosonic string effective action modified by an extra form flux. We prove that the closed string tachyon can be stabilized in this context, when the AdS scale L does not exceed a certain critical value, L < Lc. The extra form may be nonperturbatively generated as a soliton from 3-string junctions, similarly to the known nonperturbative (Jackiw-Rebbi-'t Hooft-Hasenfratz) mechanism in gauge theories, as was recently argued by David, Minwalla and Núñez. We find a stable AdS 13 × S13 solution that implies the existence of a 12-dimensional AdS-boundary conformal field theory with the SO(14) global symmetry in the large N 't Hooft limit, which is similar to the recently proposed bosonic M-theory of Horowitz and Susskind. Taking the proposed bosonic AdS/CFT correspondence for granted, we generalize it to finite temperature. The corresponding "glueball" masses in higher space-time dimensions are calculated from the dilaton wave equation in the AdS black hole background.

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