Energy parameters of weld formation process in MIG-MAG welding

D. A. Chinakhov, S. A. Solodskii, P. V. Rodionov, V. N. Sydorets

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The article presents results of an experimental study and simulation of the effect of welding arc energy characteristics on the nature of electrode metal transfer in MIG-MAG welding. Based on the research results, a method has been developed for determining the coefficient of welding arc plasma flow pressure. The method makes it possible to take into account the dependence of the electrode metal transfer pattern and plasma flow pressure on geometrical dimensions of a welded joint.

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Название основной публикацииMaterials and Processing Technology II
РедакторыDmitry A. Chinakhov, Dmitry A. Chinakhov
ИздательTrans Tech Publications Ltd
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 янв 2018

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НазваниеMaterials Science Forum
Том927 MSF
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Chinakhov, D. A., Solodskii, S. A., Rodionov, P. V., & Sydorets, V. N. (2018). Energy parameters of weld formation process in MIG-MAG welding. В D. A. Chinakhov, & D. A. Chinakhov (Ред.), Materials and Processing Technology II (стр. 99-105). (Materials Science Forum; Том 927 MSF). Trans Tech Publications Ltd.