Energy-efficient node-to-node communication scheme for fog-based cellular networks

Sanjay Kumar Biswash, Dushantha Nalin K. Jayakody

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In this study, the authors present an energy-efficient technique for the fog-networks, where a node can communicate to other users using limited network infrastructure support. The authors' contribution is central to node mobility and lower energy consumption rates. They propose an energy-efficient cellular communication model for fog-networks. To establish the connection between the source and the destination node, the next generation involves node base station imports required information from nearby fog nodes and performs the network management with the help of data analytic units. A system-level optimisation for the energy consumption model is also proposed, which supports a high degree of node mobility. They compared their results with 4G/LTE and observed that the proposed work provides the least energy consumption as compared to the legacy of the networks.

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