Energetic certificate of PO TNKhK (Tomsk Petrochemical Concern)

N. P. Velikosel'sky, V. V. Litvak, G. Z. Markman, N. N. Kharlov, A. A. Tarbokov

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Electric system of the Tomsk petrochemical concern is described. There exists a document called 'energetic certificate of the plant'. This document includes a number of sections. It presents parameters of the reliability of final consuming bus bars. Deviations of the voltage from its nominal value are calculated. Their reasons are discussed. One of the sections of the energetic certificate considers the compensation of the reactive power. It is noted that to meet the requirements of the electric supplying organization, the additional synchronous electric motors are to be used. The next section of the document called 'electric consumption by the plants' implies calculation and checking of the electric consumption. An equation connecting the electric consumption by a plant and the production output in this plant is presented. The last section of the certificate is the map of the relay protection.

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ЖурналPlasticheskie Massy: Sintez Svojstva Pererabotka Primenenie
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