In the paper, a metallic FexOy nanopowder was obtained by the electrospark method. The used electrospark installation consists of the electrode system, mobility system, system for measuring processing parameters (oscilloscope and current sensor, HV voltage divider, manovacuum meter), source of current pulses, vacuum system (vacuum pump, gas cylinders with working gas, gas routes, gas taps). The specific feature of the installation is the use of a power supply circuit of two generators with different voltage levels operating for one interelectrode gap. This generator circuit makes it possible to change the treatment parameters in wide ranges (pulse duration 10-100 μs, pulse energy 0.1-0.6 J, pulse repetition rate 0.1-5 kHz). It will enable to choose the optimal ratio between the energy expended and the maximum yield of the product, as well as to study the influence of treatment parameters on the composition and properties of the resulting powder. The morphology and phase composition of the FexOy synthesized metal powder was studied.

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