Electron–ion-plasma methods of alloying steel by copper

Yu F. Ivanov, S. Yu Filimonov, Yu A. Denisova, E. A. Petrikova, O. V. Ivanova, A. D. Teresov, V. V. Shugurov, Nikolay Nikolaevich Koval

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This work presents the results obtained in investigating the structure, mechanical and tribological properties of steel subjected to electron–ion-plasma alloying by copper. Combined modes of treatment have been revealed allowing one to multiply increase in the hardness and wear resistance of a modified material. The physical reasons for the phenomenon have been determined.

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ЖурналHigh Temperature Material Processes
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    Ivanov, Y. F., Filimonov, S. Y., Denisova, Y. A., Petrikova, E. A., Ivanova, O. V., Teresov, A. D., Shugurov, V. V., & Koval, N. N. (2015). Electron–ion-plasma methods of alloying steel by copper. High Temperature Material Processes, 19(3-4), 319-334. https://doi.org/10.1615/HighTempMatProc.2016016725