Electron microscopy of rat liver after intravenous injection of nanosized magnetite suspension

I. V. Mil'to, I. V. Sukhodolo, A. A. Miller

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    Rat liver was examined by transmission electron microscopy after a single intravenous injection of nanosized magnetite suspension (0.1 g (Fe 3O4)/kg body weight). Magnetite particles were found in Kupffer's cells and hepatocytes. Accumulation of the particles by these two cell types was different. Morphometry of magnetite-containing granules in Kupffer's cells and nanoparticle agglomerations in hepatocytes was carried out. The ultrastructure of Kupffer's cell granules was described and the mechanism of penetration of nanosized magnetite particles into the cells was suggested. Nanosized magnetite particles were not completely eliminated over 40 days after a single injection.

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    ЖурналBulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine
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